vehicle movement problems

**Hello my friends

While VehicleMovement is includes good capabilities as:

  • Dividing force in differential
  • Good suspension simulation
  • And engine acceleration curves**


**But having a series of problems, causes the not have proper operation

Please tell me How can fix These problems?
Because my main work is with vehicles

  • Increasing power with increasing gear, should By increasing gear be less power
  • Wheel Collisions are only one Raycast ,While not be replaced cylinder wheel collision instead of Raycast wheel collision
  • having limitation to 4 wheels
  • not return steering wheel to direct position by pressing the opposite direction
  • Can not turn off the automatic brake: (The brake is activated before car stopped and car is similar to one static object)

Thank you.
And sorry if my English was not good :rolleyes:

These images are related to the problem wheels collisions
If wheels collisions are a cylinder and spinning, these problems would not exist.


The collisions in vehicles are driven by PhysX there is a huge thread about problems, not sure at all if this should be in this channel or better continue the old post, as second part no one uses this physics for games since as you can see are total wrong.

As second point I never seen vehicles with real wheels collisions but traces.

That you’re talking about limitations, not sure if you notice is impossible make in UE4 cars with this included vehicles solution that have custom settings aka dynamic cars with dynamic properties and combinations. At leasts from Blueprints.