Vehicle Model Problem

Hello, World!

Immediately apologize, I am bad in English, so I use a google translator.

The problem is that the blueprint, created on the model of the vehicle, loaded into Unreal Engine 4, can not move my car, created on the basis of Vehicles User Guide. The machine does not move forward, backward and not turns left and right. The problem is in the skeleton, or a model. I beg you to help me with the model.

A link to the file with the model: Dropbox (4,20 MB)

I forgot to add: in the Physics Asset when I add Body to the wheel, it added, but huge in comparison with the wheel and the minimum scale is incommensurable to the wheel. Body for the wheel moves a little too sharply and there is no way to adjust the exact position of Body relative to the wheel. How to fix it?

How to get wheeled vehicle from Blender to Unreal Engine 4 from scratch [OLD] - YouTube This tut shows how to do everything from scratch in Blender. You did not mention the 3D modeling software you are using, but this applies to any of it. Hope it helps.