Vehicle mirrors performance issues - SceneCapture

Hi. I bought a vehicle and started updating it for a game. So i added 3 SceneCaptureComponent2D to work as mirrors. To make it work i added a texture target and a material for each mirror. With no additional setting changes the performance drops massively (from constant 60fps to 25fps). I also changed the render to be updated only at half the frequency. Does anyone know any better way to achieve good mirrors in a vehicle?

Base settings:








How large are the mirrors? I don’t think you need a 1024x1024 capture for that? That’s like half the screen. Consider using a much lower value that still looks OK.

I am using 3 TVs and a cockpit view so the mirrors are quite big. I’ll try lowering it and finding a nice spot between performance and looks. Is the scene capture method is the best way of doing mirrors in a vehicle?

It doesnt help that much. I went to 256x256 and its ugly but still at max 40fps. I checked that there are no other parts that make the drop. So the only thing that drops the fps are the sceneCapture components. Is there any other part that i need to check?

I don’t have a ready setup to answer with, as configuring a scene capture depends on the circumstances and your needs (did not ever cross my mind the mirrors would be that large and on peripheral monitors!).

Do explore this panel to start with, the flags control what is captured:

I know that Deferred Lighting is a hog. Never seen a summary of details regarding tangible performance benefits. But, as a rule of thumb, I’d start with everything off and hopefully arrive at the visuals that do not compromise on the visual fidelity too much.

Going through all the options and testing performance was the solution. A lot of those were unnecessary for the mirrors and for now i found a nice spot. Thanks for the help!

Final settings

Ah, cool. Great update.

I’ll just add that the capture component comes with some granularity as well:

And will not capture anything outside of the provided list - another way to weed out undesired elements. Perhaps the interior details of other cars don’t need to show up in the mirrors, for example.

Although this is more useful for isolating specific entities rather than removing an odd one.