Vehicle Mesh Falling Through Floor

I’ve been trying to get the hang of setting up vehicles in UE4, but have been having trouble when it comes to the physics and collisions. With the current mesh I have containing all of the skeleton, whenever I try to set it up as a single convex hull, the mesh falls through the floor of the physics simulation. Is there a way to add this without this occurring?

Screenshot below of the setup. Also, tried adding bodies to just the wheels and not the rest just to test it, and the wheels ended up falling through the floor of the simulation as well. I’ve followed at least 5 different tutorials on YouTube for vehicle setup but so far all of them have led to different issues so far.

Vehicle physics setup

Vehicle during simulation

Any help is appreciated, thanks so much!

Hi @YoungMikeyP,

Just tried to view your two attachments but both failed out seeing your setup, I guess you are basing your project of the basic or advanced vehicle?

If you are, or indeed any method… ensure your floor mesh (track etc) also had the correct collision setup on it, for example BlockAll

Also ensure that your vehicle’s collision volume isn’t intersecting with the terrain. Often, when a character or mesh falls through the floor, it could be because it’s placed slightly through the floor, so when you press Play, the collision check fails.

So I never exactly figured out what was causing the issue, but enlarging the vehicles physics body to cover a majority of the vehicle and tires, even though the tires have their own bodies, seems to fix this. Would love to know why this is if anyone reads this (still new to this so trying to understand as much as I can). Appreciate the help from the answers though!

for me i tried enlarging the car physics body too but that make the wheels spin in place and the car in place not moving forward
the weird thing is this happen to me only when i use floor inside “Instanced Static Mesh
like the one duplicate meshes along spline , mine is the same but just duplicate meshes along axis
so when i use a normal mesh floor without this tool the car work normal
im still looking for a solution … and i need it asap :confused: