Vehicle Max Suspension Rise Issue/Bug.... along with other issues

Hey everyone, running into an issue with my vehicle project. So, I have the Suspension Max Raise (how high the wheel can go when the car falls to the ground) set really high (1000) so that my car/boat sort of bobs beneath the ground when it falls. This is what I want. Problem is, whenever I try and drive beneath a low hanging edge, my car spazzes out (by that I mean either it gets shunted under the ground, or gets sent off into the sunset). I tried lowering the Suspension Max Raise and that seems to fix it, but I really need it to stay at a high number. Ideally, I just want it to not look above the car for suitable places to put the tires (which is what I think is happening). This is my current and biggest problem. Anyone able to help me?

As for the other issues, I need help figuring out:

  1. why/what is causing my car/boat to magically flip right side up right before it hits the ground (and sometimes even when it is near other geometry while still in mid air).

  2. how to prevent the car/boat from going through the ground when doing a nosedive fall (nose is pointed straight down).

Here is a video of the issues as best show them.