Vehicle levitates above ground

Hi everyone, I’ve been trying to make a simple kart game as I learn UE4. I started by modifying the vehicle blueprint example project and replaced the sedan with my own simple mesh. I’ve got the wheels turning properly and it all behaves exactly as it should in the physics asset window however when I go to play the game it hovers above the ground as in the screenshot below. If I drop the kart skeletal mesh into the level with simulate physics set it drops to the ground and behaves as expected, it’s just the player’s kart that hovers. I’m guessing there’s some setting in the blueprint left over from the sedan that I need to update but I can’t find anything that does the trick. Can you help?


Have a look in your front and rear wheel blueprints, most likely the “Tire Radius” is set too large. See if reducing the value helps at all, it is recommended to measure the wheels in your 3d program and put the exact amount into these fields.

Hah, I’m an idiot! I’d put the diameter in there instead of the radius. Thanks for your help.