Vehicle keeps its drive forward input when exited?

So, I made a vehicle and everything is awesome!!! You can enter/exit it and look/up down left/right when in a seat and even change seats, etc. But for some weird reason when you hold the drive button and then exit the vehicle the vehicle pawn its self keeps its input value and keeps driving when your aren’t even in it. So its not disabling the input before I exit or after I exit.

Tried to store the axis in an variable and flush it upon exiting the vehicle?
But apart from that, can you give a screenshot of the input blueprint part to determine what’s wrong?

after leaving the vehicle try to possess it with a default controller. this did the trick for me
besides this problem, do you have a working vehicle system?

Ya I have a working vehicle system. And also I have tried connecting a branch with a varible called vehicle exit and when I exit the vehicle the branch should shut down the flow but it hasn’t. And what do you mean default controller? But it posses as the character when exited and then posses as the vehicle when the vehicle is entered.

This is a photo of whats going on in the vehicles blueprints of the enter/exit.

Please someone help!

Anyone know how to fix this?

You need to set throttle input to 0 before the player gets out of the vehicle.

For anyone that might read this, you have to call the function StopMovementImmediately from the vehicle movement component. This function will zero out all the input that the vehicle is receiving.