Vehicle Jerky on Client

Hi All,

I’m using a simple Steam Based multiplayer project, the vehicle template I am using is the “Advanced Vehicle” and experiencing really poor jerky performance from a clients perspective.

Testing with only 1 client joining its really poor, I’ve ready many threads in the forums and also on the Answer Hub but with no particular answer or pointers for what I maybe doing wrong, I’ve read about issues with Spring Arm camera lag but when checking or un-checking it seems to make no difference at all.

I’ve inspected the network details with the NetProfiler and there seems to be 2 things which are created high values (compared to the rest of the items) as shown in the image below, I’m not experienced enough to tell if this is my issue or not and hoping somebody has some ideas for me to test out?

It seems that with the default replication set from the Advanced vehicle this seems to be Steering and Forward/Backwards movements.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards