Vehicle handling..

Hi all.I have recently started building a simple car game .Since its one of the areas i have yet to try…And I cannot make the cars handling feel right .I have watched everything i can on the subject and my car just feels .Heavy and slow.I am trying to recreate a arcade rally type handling .But turning often feels slow with a large turning circle and i cannot seem to fix it…I have tried exaggerated values on all of the relevant variables but Most do not seem to make any difference. Do you guys/gals know of any guides or tutorials .Bare in mind i have seen most of the videos on the subject available on youtube. Cheers guys/gals .Note i am using the wheeled vehicle bp.

Hi man,
this is a bit vague :slight_smile:
try posting some reference of what you want to achieve

and If you are not happy with the physics car , you cal always try a fully arcade one!
Like an actor with the shape of a car and wheels, with a simple behaviour of momentum

Hi yes i was afraid that may be the case. I am not always great at explaining my problem. I do have another project that uses raycasts and physics to move it around that feels great to control .I have been creating random small games in order to learn the unreal engine a bit better since…I kinda suck .Hence i am trying to figure this out .I have just noticed however that i may have found a bug. It appears that my changes were taking effect but i have to delete the car and re-add into the level .I have been compiling and saving every time however it seems to not take on the new values until i delete the car and then put it back into the scene . Is this normal?? It is incredibly frustrating as it is intermittent and sometimes(RARELY) the value changes work fine and others i have to delete and re-add. So i never know if my changes are working or if i have to do that process .