Vehicle FBX model ?

I just downloaded the latest version and would like to create my own vehicle project, so I began one with that intent…
how might I take a look at the example vehicle inside Maya so I can replace my mesh and edit or recreate the same skeleton so that it works in the new project ?

I want to make the example vehicle into a two wheeled bike… but I can’t find the fbx the skeletal mesh is using…

"With the theory out of the way, it is time to look at how this demo vehicle is constructed. If you open Assets/FBX/vehicle_proto_S2.9.fbx in your main modeling application, you can follow along and see how everything fits together. "

no… no such path exists and neither does a .fbx model named so on my entire computer…

To export the model, right click on the Skeletal Mesh in the Content Browser and choose Export, it will ask you where to save it and will be saved as a FBX file. :slight_smile:

okay thats worked, I tried before but I guess the export had failed…

now… when I try to reimport that exact same export, without any modification… the skeleton and the entire vehicle go all crazy when I launch the game and reimport the same fbx in the blueprint… any idea of why this happens ?

plus… my engine keeps crashing as I do it…

That is likely to do with how the vehicle was set up, check that the vehicle (in Maya):

  • Has the root bone at 0,0,0 - and also that it’s rotation is 0.0,0.0,0.0 (it defaults to 0.0,0.0,-90.0 in 3dsMax, not sure about Maya)
  • Each of the wheel bones are centered in the middle of each tire, and that their rotation values are also 0.0,0.0,0.0
  • Make sure the vehicle is facing “Forward X” - make sure the front of the car is facing along positive x,

If you need to change any of these, you will need to re-skin the car as well if you are using bones.

Aside from that, make sure to follow all of the instructions for Maya here:
And the instructions for UE4 setup here:

EDIT: Also make sure when you export out the FBX from Maya that you have it set to “Z-Up” instead of Y-Up, and make sure you also enable the checkbox for animation if the vehicle has bones set up.

The download link for the vehicle fbx is in the description of the video:

You may also want to look at:

At the moment, UE4 doesn’t support N wheeled cars unless you edit the C++ code because it is setup to use PxVehicleDrive4W instead of PxVehicleDriveNW.