Vehicle engine sounds

Hi, I want to change the pitch of a sound (the sound of the vehicle engine), when the speed of the vehicle increases. In which way can I do that?

I too would like to do this (hello again Scienziatogm! :slight_smile: ), but all I could find in the documentation regarding it is in the Sound Cue Reference page, it has a short statement on “Continuous Modulator” nodes, quote:

However this does not really help as it does not detail the process, or give any links for more info. Also I hope when it says “in code” that it could also be done in blueprints.

But more info is needed, I will be watching this thread as I need to do this as well!


You may want to clamp the value so that the pitch doesnt go higher/lower than you want it to(if you set the pitch multiplier to a lower default value in the sound cue.)
Also, it will sound like a car game from the 90’s. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hello again DotCam! :slight_smile: I tried to do it, and it works on Blueprints, but I don’t know how to control the pitch value anyway.

It’s nice, but is there a method to make it like a modern car game?

You’ll need proper accelerating/decelerating/idle engine sounds. I dont have those so i havent played around with it yet.

Yeah, I do have those sounds (downloaded the audio off of a youtube video - for testing purposes only) that are just sounds taken from a Dyno (accel/decel/idle/gear change etc), I just don’t know how to get them working so it plays the right part of the sound file at a certain RPM value (instead of just playing the sound start to finish normal speed). *EDIT: I have them split into separate files (accel only in one, decel only in another etc.).

I will play with the Continuous Modulater some more as it sounds the most promising and see what I can come up with (good to know it can be done in BP’s), but the audio has so far been a real headache, I pushed it to the side while building other parts of the game as it got too frustrating, can’t seem to find an example where someone has got it to work…

Thought I would add an update on how I plan to solve this issue: FMOD

FMOD is used by high end studios for games such as Forza 5 and DriveClub, but they also have a free version that will give you some great sound effects, and should be just a few more days. :smiley:

The FMOD plugin will be available any time now (supposed to release early September), so keep an eye on the FMOD download page!

@Scienziatogm - The FMod plugin has been released (after a bit of a delay), and a video tutorial series was added to youtube. They even go over how to create engine sounds that change depending on rpm & engine load, with a quick demo shown below.

I can’t seem to get it to start playing at the right time… Skip ahead to 9:00 into the video for the demo

Looks pretty good! I will have to give it a try later. :slight_smile:

Yo! That did exactly what I wanted! thank you jacky!!!