Vehicle Dynamics

How would you guys start to tackle a Vehicle with multiple attributes.

A list of them, I’m sure theirs a couple more that would make driving fun.

-Weight distribution
-Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
-Traction control system

The Wikipedia List

-Weight distribution - Center Of Mass (COM)
-Electronic Stability Control (ESC) - tyre friction
-Steering - power or not (scale)
-Suspension - dampen (scale)
-Traction control system - tyre friction
-Downforce - if you mean aerodynamics then forget it (no air in game)
-Horsepower - think there is something in the code for this

afaik most of the above and more are already vars in the vehicle code which atm isn’t finished but you can have a look at my test video if you want

The purpose of downforce is to allow a car to travel faster through a corner by increasing the vertical force on the tires, thus creating more grip.

But thanks for the reply what’s the link to your test video I would love to see that.

here’s the link

i think for the downforce the simplest way would be to increase the tyre friction by speed but then you would also need some form of cut off othrewise you’d be doing 200 mph doughnuts :wink:

remember as with all game stuff its all smoke & mirrors and not really full simulation

If you want to approach it like this, you’d have to look into programming your own C++ VehicleMovementComponent, which would allow you to simulate movement as advanced as you want.

If you’re doing some kind of racing/vehicle simulator, that’s a must. The stock vehicle code is great for sci-fi bouncing buggies that skid like crazy, but not much good for anything else in my experience and it’s somewhat unpredictable. There also aren’t really that many ways to fine-tune them. You aren’t going to get Gran-Turismo/Forza-like results with the stock vehicle code :wink:

Nice vehicle working inside Ue4:

Really nice. Did you make that? Would you be willing to create a tutorial or share some of the implementation? Either way, it’s clear that a nice implementation is possible.

No, I didn’t. I just found the video. rssss