Vehicle controls inverted

The problem is that my steering controls inverted
D key on keyboard is intended to turn right
he turns to the left and a key to the opposite direction
It behaves weird
I use a simple vehicle template
Maybe I missed something! I do not know
![alt text][1]


![alt text][3]


![alt text][5]

All you need to do is change the scale values.
If you want the character to go right when you press ‘D’ that means you’ll need to set the scale to -1.0
Same goes with the other inputs.

I checked that but oposite result All my vehicles (6 them and vehicle tamplate to) have same problem after i reversed values!

Same input controls Vehicle template and my other vehicle and that vehicle (Wi) same setup (Blueprint)
And different result
(Maybe I did something wrong ) In Vehicle Movement or AnimBp