Vehicle camera

Hi Friends,

I am a newbie to do the vehicle animation. When the character gets into the car, the camera is overlapped by the character. I am not sure how to avoid this. Please can someone tell me what to do.


Are you’re using the same camera of your character inside the car or you are transitioning to a new one?

Usually what I do is inside my vehicle BP I add two cameras, a close in dash camera which simulates first person view, and another camera trailing the vehicle like say a proverbial 20 -30 feet back or so. Upon entering the vehicle and when it is “possessed” I can then press C and toggle between the two cameras.

Not sure if this is what you are asking exactly.

I am transitioning to a new one. That new camera is in the Car blueprint. It collides with the character.

OK. I solved the issue, I pulled back the spring Arm. Now the camera is in right place.

Ok good to know.