Vehicle bounce

Hello all!

As suggested in this forum, I started testing my project using frame rate limitation “t.maxfps xx” and have found that ball bounces on straight, rigid surface as if it has run over a small obstacle. Before my project was constantly running at 120fps or more and I noticed this behavior, but it wasn’t affecting gameplay, so I ignored it. Now, when fps is set on less, this changes balls behavior considerably, making it launch in air = game unplayable.

I have determined, that problem is road collision. Was using “Complex as Simple” and it seems that for some reason there are gaps or bumps in it. If road uses “Simple collision”, ball won’t bounce, however, creating precise simple collision for helical shapes (attached pic) seems next to impossible.

I searched whole forums and found similar posts, but no clear solutions, this one video shows approx. my experience:

Some of my ideas how to solve this issue:
*make ball float above ground (like hover vehicle - will this solve issue? will I loose behavior?)
*roads designed with splines (seen tutorial, how effective collisions there are? limitations of this approach? can I make shapes like attached pic?)
*try to create simple collisions for complex types of road (not sure I ll be able to get this perfectly, especially since there shouldn’t be collision overlaps)

Is there some kind of plugin for manual arrangement of simple collisions vertexes? (to add new and rearrange them)
What are the best practices to create roads in UE4, or complex and precise collisions for concave meshes or similar to attached pic meshes?

Please any solutions, suggestions!

Using Unreal 4.24.3

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