Vehicle Body and Wheels not Separate when Importing from Blender


I’m importing cars from Blender with this tutorial: Blender to UE4 Vehicle Workflow - Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - YouTube

The process can be tricky (cursor/origin issues, bone size, etc.), but I’ve got the hang of it.

Now, I’m importing a new vehicle, and the wheels are not separate from the body in UE4. This is evident by only one material slot (body and wheels should have 1 slot each). I’m following the same process as with other vehicles, which did not have this issue. The issue may be with the model I imported to Blender (was Z forward) and then scaled. There may be something else that I’m missing.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Image 1: Bones are present

Image 2: Body and Wheels are one object (one material slot).

I’ll answer my own question.

The issue was that I had exported the vehicle from Blender with no materials (which is how I export static meshes). After adding separate Blender materials to the body and wheels, UE4 recognized the import properly. The vehicles that did import to UE4 properly already had materials assigned in Blender (and these materials had not been discarded prior to export from Blender).

Strange that assigning materials in Blender was the solution, but it works.