Vehicle audio setup


I’ve been looking over docs and couldn’t find anything regarding it. Maybe I’m looking at the wrong place.
I appreciate a link to how we need to go about that.
Also my other question is, we we port cars to our racing game would it be possible to setup the sounds for each car at a later time?

Thank you.

Fmod is one of the best tools for vehicle sound. But unfortunately they havent updated their plugin to 4.6 yet for whatever reason, so you’ll have to use it on 4.5 for now if you dont know how to compile a plugin.

Thanks. So you mean there won’t be an issue setting up the sounds later right?

And what other ways we can use to setup the audio on cars than Fmod?

Yeah, you can implement sound later on.

Check out advanced vehicle template. I think it has the same setup as the vehicle game and it is not as good as what you can get with Fmod. I dont know about other sound engines so someone else needs to chime in on that.