Vehicle animation with possibility to deattach wheels and suspension parts

Hello. I would like to have possibility to deattach wheels and suspension parts of my car during gameplay. I also need to make suspension and wheels animated. It’s easy to do with bone structure, but in this case it is impossible to deattach suspension parts from the car. Have you got any tips where should I start? Or maybe it is possible to do this with bone structure? I will be very grateful for help :smiley:

couldnt you just attach the detachable parts with sockets?

Thank you. That may be a good idea. So I need to create bone structure of the suspension, but with no meshes assigned to it, and then using sockets? Am I correct?

im not sure exactly how you would do it, i havent found myself in that position before, but id imagine if you looked up a youtube video on dismemberment, it should be pretty similar