Vehicle Animation Instance wheel issues


I have tried following any tutorial online and I am still running into the same issue. When I drive the vehicle, my wheels are spinning along the wrong axis. I have tried changing the pivot orientation in Blender and even changing the bone orientation, yet it still rotates the same direction as before.

Has anyone else had this issue? Am I able to change Unreal’s tire rotation axis? I am not seeing any forums or such when searching for similar issues.![Capture|679x500]

I can only upload one image at a time, but this is when I am doing in blender

Blender looks okish. Z up is fine.
X forward. I’d have to check.

Make sure you are updating the skeleton asset on import though.

If you aren’t seeing changes, you probably aren’t.

I have X as forward as the front of the car is facing on the X axis. How would I update the skeleton asset when I import? I am currently clicking Re-Import on the Skeletal Mesh object.

(Edit) I do see that the Skeleton Asset was last changed yesterday. But I try right clicking the folder in import asset, then replace all, but that does not seem to update the Skeleton Asset

There’s a specific option within the import settings you probably need to toggle