Vehicle AI premade tasks or nodes or anything.

Hello, i would like to suggest that epic looks at vehicles AI a bit. Like i am not a coder myself i really like stuff like level design and animation/modeling and blueprints are very helpfull, but i came across this weird issue in ue4, there is nothing that controlls vehicles directly in behavior trees like no tasks, no nodes, as far as i understood i have to calculate directions and steers car to location i want. So as i see it ue4 has all the moves for characters but i cant set up basic vehicle AI myself. I set up manequinn knowing only that in order to move a bot you have to have Aicontroller, behavior tree(you dont even need that if you want to just make him move anywhere) and blackboard and managed to set up bot follwing me around. But vehicles dont respond to any Move to nodes or anything because you dont add movement input, you steer and throttle them. And same goes for helicopters and planes etc. I don’t see any methods moving those types of vehicles around.

So my request is that epic add few tasks or nodes to work with vehicle’s AI, at least moving them around or have few basic ai templates for different types of vehicles.