vehicle advanced speed trap

I am trying to make a speed trap for the advanced vehicle with a box trigger so when it enters the box trigger the max speed changes and goes lower and when it leaves the max speed goes back to normal. How would I code it so it works?

im not sure about this but you can try this.

make a custom event inside the vehicle blueprint actor and call it “Action” now you need to put the “Max Speed” node attached to it and set it to the speed you want, put a delay as well lets say 5 seconds and then Set the “Max Speed” back to normal speed.

created a new blueprint and call it Speed Power Up or whatever, inside it add a collision box and call it trigger, go to the event graph and add on actor begin overlap (Trigger) and cast to your vehicle BP and call the event “Action” you created and test.

if you didn’t understand how this goes, i’ll try and make a quick example.