Vegetation for ArchViz

Hi guys, i am planning to have a look at the UE, since it looks really promising. I do architectural visualization with offline renderers like Corona and Octane. But it would be great to get a real time workflow. So i am looking forward to push the realism to a very high level with the UE.

I do my vegetation models with Speedtree (and GrowFX). Normally they are at ~300k to 1mio polys (trees). One thing that bothers me the most when i see UE content: the vegetation is made out of planes with alpha maps. I totally understand the reason for that, because games need to be performant. But i am creating just stills. So is it possible to use vegetation models with a lot more polygons than usual? Like the mentioned 1mio polys for one tree. Or will my viewport just freeze then?

It probably won’t freeze, depending on your hardware, it would just lag.

BTW, UE4 supports Speedtree so if you want to adjust your trees to work better in UE4 then Speedtree can do that.