Vegetation and splat maps

Hi there,

Is there any way to distribute vegetation with the use of splat maps?
An option would be to make landscape layers with the splat map and then paint vegetation on the desired layers. But I don’t want to have landscape layers ATM. So if there’s another way of doing it I’d appreciate your help.


Unfortunately there isn’t any way right now except for the way you describe using landscape layers.
Epic is working on better foliage distribution tools though that might arrive in 4.8.

I hope you are right. That feature is a must have when it comes to outdoor environments.
Thanks for the response Sitrec.

I couldn’t agree more, for me it’s by far the most important feature yet to be implemented.

The latest reply by Ori Cohen (our lord and savior) that I know of regarding Ecosystem paint tools (as they’ve been called) is here: Ecosystem painting canned? - Feedback for Unreal Engine team - Unreal Engine Forums

They recently changed their approach, we don’t know much more other than it’s expected to be released in 4.8. For more info, just search for ecosystem and look for any posts from Ori, I’m guessing many of the features mentioned are still relevant despite their “new direction”.

I hope that ecosystem, wasn’t this ecosystem. :smiley: