Vega's Clicker Toolkit

**Marketplace Link: **[Vega's Clicker Toolkit in Blueprints - UE Marketplace](Vega's Clicker Toolkit in Blueprints - UE Marketplace)
**Changelog (29/01/2017):

**Inital release of the toolkit to the marketplace, future updates will have their changelog placed here.


Vega’s Clicker Toolkit is a predefined and customisable toolkit to streamline your development with the Unreal Engine to create a clicker or incremental game as it’s commonly referred to.
Documentation Link: Dropbox - Error

**Feature list (also included within the documentation):


  • EpicLeaderboard support with medals for rankings.
  • Stage setup with plenty of options such as length of stage, drop
  • rate, rare rates, drop tables and more.
  • Customisable stats (name and effects)
  • Rare enemy titles
  • Rare item titles
  • NPC names, visuals, attack power and much more.
  • Damage/health ratios and values to allow you to set any amount of
  • damage or health to fit you needs.
  • Variety of customisation options that range from loss of gold on
  • death, potion healing percentage all the way to leader boards
  • ID/Key if it is being used.
  • Option to use leader boards or clicks to kill.
  • Level/ EXP system.
  • Preset player stat behaviour but editable.
  • Party member recruitment (auto attack)
  • Party member upgrade system
  • Inventory system (option for maximum inventory)
  • Equipment screen (optional slot names)
  • Structs that data tables are based upon for easy editing.
  • All settings inside of data tables, easily viewable.
  • Enum values for their index and names to slot items/assign skills.
  • Username for leader boards.
  • Settings for resolution, full screen mode and sound volume that save.
  • Potions/health system.
  • Re spawn/death system.
  • Gold system.
  • UI animation system for feedback to the user.
  • Full combat system with bosses at the end of each major stage.
  • Message alert system.
  • Full safety check for references used to ensure there is no null call and thus reducing possible errors significantly.
  • Full UMG, no actors.
  • Pause menu with manual and auto saving.
  • Snapshots of your progress is saved so when you return everything is reloaded.
  • Dynamically loaded assets through asset ID for memory management.
  • Randomised dungeon system which offers full freedom of choice.

Future updates planned:

  • World Map.
  • Abilities.
  • Achievements.

Any questions, feature requests, bug reports or issues, please do not hesitate to contact me here or by my email, [EMAIL=“”]

Thank you.

I’m digging this, I can see something made with this making a killing on mobile.

i dont can find the ClickerToolkit-Leaderboard version. how can i find this version