Vector Parameter issue

Im trying to change the color of a texture by using lerp and a Vector parameter. On my HUD, I have a Linear Color variable which keeps hold of which color I want to have displayed. To display that color in my image, I created a Dynamic Material Instance, set that variable, then in Tick, I get the dynamic material of the Img Widget and set its bector parameter Value, however it doesn’t work. I had a look in the documentations about scalar parameters, however I did not find the solution. Can anyone point me to anywhere? Thanks!

I think your problem may be that you have to assign your newly made material to your objects

Also, in your tick, you don’t have to get that material each time, you already have it stored as a variable.

You have to make sure you’ve correctly spelled the parameter name in the vector parameter value - but I reckon you’re doing that.

It’s an image Widget in my HUD im trying to change its color. Does that make a difference?

EDIT: The problem was the Tint in the image, and it was stopping from changing my color. For those interested, if you want to change the color of a img widget, make sure you set its tint opacity to 0. Thanks for the help Dannington!