Vector movement different when i have blueprints open or closed

Hi Forum! Something weird is going on that i don’t understand at all.

I made an animation with vector movement and timelines if the blueprint editor is open they behave “normally” some times or just one of the two
if not they move way more then they are supposed to.

the spawn points are set with a scene location in the same actor as the camera
camera is set to perspective and keep ratio

I really don’t know what i have done so wrong to give a better explanation.

Here is a video with some different behavior its usually this lengths there are some cases that its somewhere in the middle.

Sorry for the sound forgot to deactivate when i was recording.

From further inspection changes happen when i reduce framerate

I dont know why this is happening i am using timeline and lerp to change positions are they affected by framerate ?

I found a solution to this post

“use timers”

Maybe it’s related to simulation in editor viewport?
Did you tried to play in new game?

When i package for windows its fine.

What is it i should be looking at the editor options ? i have them all on default except if i have pressed some random shortcut is there a way to reset the editor to default ?

Starting position for the animation is the same the how much is added after the time line some how changes when blueprint is closed and when it is open for editing i placed a “print text” befor and after the timeline to actor location


Arrow next to play button.