Vector math question, need to get the result of my Y vector after considering pawn rotation.

I want to move a Pawn left to right, so I have a Vector MyVec = (0.f, [left/right], 0.f).

I need to use AddActorLocalOffset(MyVec);

The problem I have, is that I have the pawn set up to also roll along its X axis, so I need to translate MyVec to account for this roll, so the Pawn maintains it’s distance from the floor and just moves strictly on the Y-Plane.

I’m sure there is some simple Vector math function built in to transform it… I haven’t had any luck finding it yet though.

you can use AddActorWorldOffset()

I can’t use a world offset because it no longer works when the pawn’s forward direction(yaw) has been changed.

I really just need to get the difference between my pawn’s Right Vec and the right Vec at zero roll…then use that for the local offset.