Vector * Integer node


In blueprints, there is a node to multiply two vectors and a node to for a vector and a float.
It would be cool if the same would be available for Integers as well.
I often use the index of a loop multiplied with a vector. This way I could avoid the (pointless) conversion to float…


I would suggest to create a blueprint function library and create such math functions just yourself :slight_smile: I also need a lot of math functions which are not directly available in blueprint, but manually creating them as pure functions in a function library solves the problem without much work :cool:

But then I would have to migrate that from project to project and engine version to engine version :rolleyes:

Well, I thought most people probably only have one game they are working on :wink: And it get’s migrated from version to version the same way all your other blueprints do.

I have several installations of UE4 running parallel… From version 4.2 through 4.8p4.
So, it may well update within one version, but for future versions, everything that is “built in” comes in handy :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,

I think this is a great idea! I’ve entered a feature request, UE-16593 to be assessed by the development staff.

I won’t pretend to know your circumstances, but for curiosity’s sake what’s wrong with simply converting from an int to a float? Blueprint even does that for you automatically.

It’s one unnecessary node. Looks ugly :slight_smile:

Fair enough. I mean, I can make it and pull request, I’m just not sure it will be accepted if I can’t back it up with a good use case.

Here’s the PR:

You can create a macro and then place it in your Engine\Content\EditorBlueprintResources folder (same location of StandardMacros) and use it with all your projects. :rolleyes:

To close the loop, the PR was accepted in commit and will be a part of 4.9.

Michael Noland

Awesome :smiley:
A big Thank You to everybody involved.