Vector Graphics Support

2D Vector graphics support is a must for Unreal. Hopefully it will come sooner than later.
Displays come in all kinds of sizes and resolutions these days, creating raster assets for different resolutions is both tedious and a waste of space for many kinds of 2D assets.
Such support will be immediately useful for Slate/UMG (allowing for resolution independent UI assets like icons, buttons, etc) as well as Paper2D (allowing for resolution independent game assets like characters, backgrounds, etc).

This topic has come up in various posts spread across all the forums. I think it would be useful to centralize discussion in a single place to help show Epic how many people would be interested in such a feature, so they can make it a priority.
Please voice your support.

An update regarding where Epic stands on the issue:

On the Paper2D side
“Support for importing vector formats” was added to the task wishlist in May 2014.

On the UMG Side
For Vector Graphics using Tessellation: “It’s not super high on the list of things we want to tackle. It’s something we may look at in the far future.”
For Vector Graphics using CPU Rasterisation: No plans themselves for offline rendering, but “will gladly accept pull requests to put it in the engine”.
[Insert YouTube Link to “Support Stream - Unreal Motion Graphics (UMG) UI - Oct. 21, 2014” at 40:00 when available]