Vector graphics support

Hello everyone.
​​​​​​Does the editor allow trace raster graphic to vector?
Can a vector graphic file be imported as curves and be extruded?
Can a vector graphic file be rasterized?

Thanks in advance for help.

In case someone isn’t, will this be added?

Note these features are addressed at the editor, not the engine itself.

From all your posts seems like you expect Unreal to be a replacement to Adobe’s suite of softwares.
I don’t know why you expect that, but I wouldn’t hold my breath…

Not really, I’d just like something like Blender to be in.
E.G.: Blender has an image editor, very minimal, it would be nice in UE too.

But not full featured editors.

Oh yeah, I’ve seen a video a guy painting 2D in Blender like it was Photoshop. Crazy stuff!

Indeed. It’s not needed to have a Photoshop replacement, but a more comfortable editor could come handy.