Vector Fields authoring tool for Blender

Since Maya LT has no tools whatsoever to generate Vector Fields and regular Maya is prohibitively expensive for indies, I am wondering if someone would create Vector Fields authoring tool for Blender (Blender has smoke and fluids sim, which could be used, potentially, to generate Vector Fields).

Thanks beforehand

@motorsep Theres a blender tool that lets you export out vector fields [TOOL] Blender Vector Field Editor - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums

Hey thank you for this - Looks like there is some interesting stuff on that guys github :slight_smile:

Yes! :cool: @Isathar made an awesome plugin

His tool is solid, been using since he released it. Haven’t had any issues.
I’d suggest keeping your fields at lower res it still looks good and costs much less performance

Have fun!

SememeS, have you been able to install it with the latest version of Blender?

Seems I can’t get “Blender_UE4_VectorFieldEditor-master” (November 2015) detected using Blender 2.77a.

I tried sticking the following into Blender Foundation\Blender\2.77\scripts\addons\ and then searching for “FGA” in the addon search box
but nothing shows up:

  • Extracted “Blender_UE4_VectorFieldEditor-master” (with the and FGA_VectorFields folder containing 3 python scripts)
  • “FGA_VectorFields”

I was able to get it working easily using Blender 2.76 though.

Edit: Never mind. I guess it just wasn’t updating. I went to add the UE4 tools (a different addon by Luis G.) via “install from file” and for some reason the FGA Vector Tools popped up, hehe. Either user error on my part, or Blender 2.77’s a little fidgety. I did in fact 1) click the addon refresh button and tried restarting Blender and 2)tried only installing the FGA Vector Fields addon before posting. Went to move on to the next addon and boom, this one got fixed.