Vector Field Creation in 3dsmax?

Vector Field Creation Guide only explains about Maya. Any chance of using 3dsmax?

Yes regarding that, We are FumeFX users here too and if it would be possible to export from Max to UE would be much appreciated.

I hope they are working on it.

Any chance that Houdin users can get this as well?

Hi Satheesh,

Thank you for your feedback. I have informed our documentation team that users would like to know how to create Vector Fields in 3dsmax as well. If you have any other features or guides you would like to see, please let us know.


Thank you Alexander!. Just one more thing.

Here in this page under Types of Blueprints, link to Class Blueprint navigates to Blueprint Overview page. If we manually change the URL it says Access Denied.

Thank you for the warning. I will create an error report for that issue separately. If you see anything else like this, please let us know.


Will surely let you know Alexander. Thank you for the support.

Any update on 3dsm support for global vector fields? I can also do this in Maya, but I do not have access to perforce, which is where the maya exporter settings plugin resides (I believe)

Hi Just wanted to check if there were any updates on this. I’m trying to export vector fields from max (fume / krakatoa / stoke) to rocket and couldn’t find much.

Unfortunately, the editor does not support vector fields from 3dsMax currently and so there is no documentation planned. Vector field creation is only supported for the Maya workflow at this time.

Ouch that hurts :slight_smile: are there plans to support them in the near future?

There are plans to support vector fields creation directly inside cascade and at runtime.

I think we should just wait for that (;

If its true…then its good enough for me. :slight_smile:

Hi Satheesh,

This is true, but it is a “want to have” feature that has been discussed internally. We expect it will take a some time before it is a higher priority and plans can begin being executed.