Vector comparisons possibly broken

First of all the addition of a float tolerance to the vector comparison nodes in 4.6 broke parts of my game. Took me some time to figure that out. (vector equal, vector not equal are the nodes I mean)

Now apparently that is because the default tolerance is 0 and apparently it can now never be 0. Before in 4.5 without a tolerance everything worked fine. Was there are slight tolerance?

It have it now set to 1 and with that it works like it did in 4.5.

Btw, I had to make use of vector comparisons because I have to check if “set view target with blend” has been completed. Even though I have that set to 0 it takes a little longer then 0 which results in problems with the flow. You might want to look in that as well when you are at it. Or add a instant camera set node.

And another thing “set view target with blend” is a confusing name, it should at least include the word camera so you can find it with the search. And why is it not “set camera”, there is a “get camera” after all.

Edit: Made a test, with a new level. When I create a new Equal Vector node the default tolerance is 0.000100 which works. But the converted project to 4.6 has all default tolerances set to 0.000000 which is then the actual problem.

Something mentioning that it can never be 0.000000 in the nodes descriptions would be also nice.

It seems that the current implementation doesn’t like a 0 tolerance and it should works as long as the choosen tolerance > 0. You may want to use 0.000001 as the smallest precision which seems to works in my project. That said this is more a NearlyEqual request. If you want a strict compare using 0 tolreance then yes, it seems broken for instance. Also, the small tolrance value 0.000001 doesn’t seems to work for Rotator structures…

Hi Davision,

The tolerance pin was added to compensate for floating-point precision errors that sometimes occur during processing. It’s recommended to always have some sort of Tolerance which is why the default value is .000100. You can read about that in our 4.6 Release notes.

As for the ‘Set View Target with Blend’ node, it doesn’t contain the word camera because it is a player class function that can be used with any player whether or not they contain a camera actor. However, if you search the Palette for ‘Set Camera’ it is one of the associated options.



Yea, ok, but .000100 is not the default value for a converted project. (From 4.5 to 4.6) They are then 0.00000 in all the nodes that have been placed already, so you might still want to change that.

Indeed, as stated from 4.6 release notes, while converting 4.5 to 4.6, any existing equal node will uses a tolerance of 0, in order to keep things as-is (as possible…). Any new Equal node being added in a blueprint will uses the new tolerance…