Vector Blueprint Question

I’m working on a project where we have a wall that is supposed to open up to reveal a secret room. The movement of the wall needs to push back in a vertical position and then slide across to a horizontal position directly behind the static unmoving piece of the wall after it has moved into the vertical position. Essentially what I did was made a blueprint with a timeline and used vectors to put in the start and end position of the moving piece of wall. The problem is that during the opening movement the moving part of the wall intersects another mesh because it isn’t moving in that L-shaped movement that I would need rather it is moving the diagonal line path from the starting point to the end position. I’m still relatively new to blueprinting and I was wondering what I should be doing to push forward that movement from start to finish making that L-shaped movement instead of the one I have now. I’m sorry that this sounds naive, but I’m probably overthinking it and just can’t see the obvious answer in front of me. Thanks in advance for any help on the issue.

Hey, imo you could use a matinee for that.

here’s an example for that:

Edit: Actually, this is even better explained: at min 38. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.

Thank you very much! That helps a lot! Thank you!