Vdb2exr Tool for converting VDB Volume textures to tiled EXR textures + Sample Cloud texture

I have some tool for you, maybe helpful to convert OpenVDB files into a tiled OpenEXR texture.

You will find it at Link
Can also be a starting point to write your own volume texture generator.

EXR Textures from left to right (Download) :

  • sixteenth - 1134 x 1540 res - 9x10 tiles - 3M
  • eighth - 2250 x 6447 res - 9x21tiles - 23M
  • quarter - 8466 x 12873 res - 17x21tiles - 185M

VDB Source: Data Sets?

This might be handy when working with clouds scene. Does the CC 3 license cover the texture generated or only the codes?

This is What I just wanted!!.
However, I’m struggle with building the project, because I’m not an engineer.
Can you share how to build the project or already built file? Thanks!

I recreated the repository. I Supllied a binary in https://screenflow-support.s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/public/Other/x64.zip


Cool tool! Would it be possible to get access to the import and setup for Unreal tutorial youtube video that you have the url posted on your github? It’s reporting its private when I try to watch.

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