Vdb2exr Tool for converting VDB Volume textures to tiled EXR textures + Sample Cloud texture

I have some tool for you, maybe helpful to convert OpenVDB files into a tiled OpenEXR texture.

You will find it at GitHub - olir/vdb2exr: OpenVDB to OpenEXR converter for slicing the volume into images combined in an EXR texture ready to be imported in Unreal Engine.
Can also be a starting point to write your own volume texture generator.

EXR Textures from left to right (Download) :

  • sixteenth - 1134 x 1540 res - 9x10 tiles - 3M
  • eighth - 2250 x 6447 res - 9x21tiles - 23M
  • quarter - 8466 x 12873 res - 17x21tiles - 185M

VDB Source: Data Sets?

This might be handy when working with clouds scene. Does the CC 3 license cover the texture generated or only the codes?

This is What I just wanted!!.
However, I’m struggle with building the project, because I’m not an engineer.
Can you share how to build the project or already built file? Thanks!

I recreated the repository. I Supllied a binary in Releases · olir/vdb2exr · GitHub