VCam HUD UMG Overlay and Post Process Materials

I am working with a virtual camera. Vcam HUD text is added via the UMG Overlay of a Media Output provider.

The camera component has multiple post process materials attached; camera masks, lens distortion and DOF effects. These materials are stacked with different blendable priorities.

If my camera mask material has a blendable priority of 0, the HUD text will appear on top (as I want it to). However, if I move my camera mask material in the stack to a priority of 1 or more, the HUD text will be hidden by the mask.

Is there a way to set my Output provider UMG Overlay to render after my whole post process material stack, rather than only materials rendered first/with a blendable priority of 0?


Got an answer on this from UDN, sharing for anyone looking in future:

"You can change the blend priority of the UMG Overly by changing the blend priority on the following material:


Just set it higher than the other post process materials, and that should address it."