VCAM cannot connect from internet


I want to connect an iOS device to a UE5.3 VCAM using LiveLink, but cannot do so via an external network.


I would like to use LiveLink to connect my iPad Pro 12.9 to VCAM on UE.
I have no problem connecting to UE installed on my local PC and iPad,
However, I could not connect between UE built on Amazon EC2 and iPad at hand.
The UE settings are the same for both the local PC and EC2,
In the EC2 security group, all port access from the source iPad is permitted.
Therefore, the only difference between the two environments is whether the connection is made via the local network or the Internet.

Therefore, we would like to confirm the following and would appreciate your response.
Question 1: Are there any restrictions such as not being able to connect to LiveLink via an external network?
Question 2: If it is possible to connect via an external network, please let us know if there are any possible flaws in the UE configuration.

  • UE5.3 does not include
  • The following website indicates that the “LiveLinkVCAM” app must be installed on the iOS device at hand.
  • LiveLink VCAM" on iPad Pro 12.9 at hand
  • UE5.3 is built on Amazon EC2.
  • Refer to the instructions in the following link
  • VCAM and LiveLink plugins are already installed on UE5.3.
    Virtual Camera Actor Quick Start | Unreal Engine 4.27 Documentation
  • I installed “Live Link VCAM” on my iPad and tried to connect to VCAM on UE5.3, but could not connect.
  • I installed UE5.3 on my local device and tried it with UE and iOS devices on the same network.
    The connection worked.

Steps to reproduce

Operation on UE
  • Launch Unreal Engine
  • Create a new project by selecting the Third Person template.
  • Go to the Edit menu > Plugins > Enable Pixel Streaming
  • Go to the Edit menu > Plugins > Enable LiveLink
  • Go to the Edit menu > Plugins > Enable VirtualCamera
  • Restart the Unreal Engine
  • Select the “Add Actor” panel > “Virtual Production” > VCam Actor and place it on the field
on iPad
  • Install the Live Link VCam app
  • Launch the Live Link VCam app
  • Set EC2 public IP (global IP) for IP and 80 for port and press “Connect” button
  • Connection Failure

UE and iOS settings are performed according to the procedure described in the following official website.