Vcam and Sequencer for Unreal Engine 5.1

Hello. I’m having some issues using UE5.1 and the Virtual Camera or VCAM actor. I’ve setup a simple sequence with a character and some animation. I have linked the VCAM through my IOS device and everything seems to be working properly. I have added the actors I want to record to the Take Recorder. The issue I’m having arises when I hit the record button in take recorder. Upon hitting record, my current sequence closes and new sequence opens and begins recording…the problem is the character is not animating in the new sequence. So I’m able to film the scene and review the take but it is just a static character, no animation (except for the camera movement of course).

In the UE5 documentation it states this, that when recording with the virtual cam:

" After connecting your iOS device to Unreal Engine via Live Link, you can record sequences, or shots of your project’s animated scenes and characters using Take Recorder.

When you start a recording via Take Recorder, Unreal Engine automatically plays the current [Level Sequence]."

This is not the case for me…once I hit record a new sequence opens up. I’m doing something wrong but can’t seem to figure out what. Any help or advice on this topic would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!


Hi. Did you find a solution?

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Check this video