Vault Question

So when I click on “Library” it says “7.6gb Total size of all locally cached vault Content” when i go to the folder set to be my Vault Cache it has absolutly nothing in the folder. When i go to the marketplace to try and redownload the assets the download button is grayed out and says “Unavailable”. Anyone know how to fix this?

Is the content perhaps hidden? IIRC there is a delete cache button in the launcher. Have you tried doing that, then re-downloading the content and seeing if it appears?

I have been trying to find a way to delete the cache but cannot find it.

And no the content is not hidden in the folder just checked

Hmm, they must have removed that or something. Could have sworn that the vault item drop down button used to let you delete the local cache of each product. But the arrow is grayed out for me.

Yeah I have no idea what is wrong with it. Ill just have to make my own assets