VAULT not Working, Correctlyt But they fixed temporarily

I hit the 1000 product Vault limit, started sending support requests almost a month ago.
I gave a list of items that were free in my account that could be deleted to make room for paid assets.
For others, anything over 1000 is not available for download in anyway and you cant delete old assets you dont want.

This is very difficult for me as I purchased a bunch for a new project. Again. Its like being burned for being a huge market supporter over the years.

I am hoping a few of these messages help others and Epic see the frustration.

I love Unreal, and I am invested, but market place issues should be resolved fast.

My edit:
To be fair, its not like support was not talking to me. There hands were tied as they needed a response from another department. The problem is totally resolved, but I do need 2 accounts, and cant accidentally purchase in one, that would put me over 1000.

I hope this changes soon. Folders and being able to go over 1k items would be amazing.


Hey rasamaya1,

You should have received a response to your support case.

As for the issue that causes this, we are aware of the limitation and are working with our developers for a long-term solution.


Thanks, looking forwarding to a solution too.

Resolved by using two accounts and having epic support transfer some assets. Big Thumbs up:D I have access to paid assets.

Deliberate thread necro time…[SUP]I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m angry.[/SUP]

This has been an outstanding issue for some time now. As a developer I’m mindful of how easy it is to judge a thing “easy” from the outside but this is well beyond that now, I dont normally throw around this kind of language… but whoever is responsible for the resolution of this problem deserves to be fired (as does the person originally responsible).

For 2 years you have had a known issue that prevents your most prolific customers from spending money without tediously involving themselves with your support team performing manual interventions on their accounts. How is this kind of treatment acceptable for your most valuable customers?

Yes I’m aware the big money for Epic as a whole is in studio licences (and Fortnight) and the marketplace is probably lower priority, but if you are going to bother having it at all, you should never under any circumstances consider it acceptable to punish the customers who are spending the most money… Thats just bad business!

This issue predates the launch of the Epic Game Store… thats how long there has been a hard limit to the number of items in an account’s vault. This might look like a bug, but I wonder if its actually a case of “we f****d up the database design and now theres $$$$$$ on top of it so … um can we kick the can further down the road?”… The fact that the new wishlist feature is only 50 items and your “hoping” to be able to increase it to 100 makes me deeply suspicious of the quality of database design that must go on inside Epic. I’ve used both Relational/SQL and Schemaless/NoSQL Databases, I had database design drilled into me back in university/college, and I’ve written plenty of web backends over the years… and the only two answers for these kinds of “arbitrary limits” that I can think of are “bad design” or “extremely weird requirements” (and having a lot of customers does not count as weird.)

Can anyone at Epic please comment on what has happened regarding this issue in the last 2 years with regards to “working with our developers for a long-term solution”?

r u serious you cant just code so there is no limit…just ask epic i made my own database in AIX unix back in bloody highschool 32 years ago…i know htere is talent about you…

Why not just increase the limit to 10000 by adding a 0 to the variable or get rid of the limitation all together as there shouldn’t even be a limit on how much you can own… The asset libraries are the for you to purchase from and use in side UE4/UE5 (coming soon), the marketplace is there for the customer to purchase assets and make Epic money and the developer… How are you going to limit how much they can own on their account… Makes ZERO sense… I hope this is fixed SOON… Picture this a developer is trying to sell an asset they just made and it blows up, everyone wants it but now the big spenders of the marketplace can’t buy it because they own too much!!! Really… Think about the way that sounds… Sorry in for rant but had to vent when I read this…

this sounds like chimps were put in a room about 1000 of them and they decided only one item per chimp
lets set 2 years a 5 give aways = 120
tons a months thats double so lets say thats 220
lets add 200-300 things to perma free area =420ish to520 now
lets have epic give out a few things through the month so lets up this to 620
and then the megascan stuff adds what 100 more packs so your at 720 before you buy a single thing
SCAREY your about to move into unreal 5 all kinds a neat features you can get and some packs that are on sale up to 70% as a bargain
and well you suddenly are at 820-920 packs and more and mroe of us are gonna have this issue SHORTLY
NO FREAKING REALLY 600,000 developers with brains wold mean your prolly at 600 MIN with probability of 700-800 right now
get it all ya never know when its useful ideal. The smart guy doesnt do work someone already has if its cheap enough and thus saves time and money

not just how it is to that developer BUT epic loses money too this issue LOSES EPIC MONEY , more all of us have to m.e.s.s around with c.r.a.p like this to sort less people are at making themsevles and EPIC a buck. i kinda up in that 800 range and now i know htis im slowing what i will grab from market place as the freebies are adding up