Vast majority of Editor Preferences does not save


the more and more I get into UE4, the more I am frustrated by one thing - vast majority of the Editor Preferences flat out do not save. Every single time I change any editor preference, it gets saved only in current project, but no matter how many times do I mash the “Save as Default” button, upon creating new Project, all Editor Preferences are reset to default.

I have figured I would ease my pain by exporting the preferences, and Importing them into my new projects, but for some inexplicable reason, Import button is always frozen:

So I am now in a ridiculous situation where I store a text file on my desktop with literally dozens of settings I have to go through and re-setup every single time I create a new project…



I’ve found out this is rather frequently discussed issue:…om-layout.html…-problems.html…-on-chang.html…w-project.html…reyed-out.html…-on-other.html…ces-don-t-work

Can someone explain to me what is going on? Retention of user preferences is absolutely essential part of any software functionality. How come something that has been pointed out so often has been ignored for so long?

This makes the settings in Editor Preferences mostly pointless, because why would you spend time tweaking for example extensive set of spline settings in Graph Editor preferences when you know that they will not get saved for any future projects, and that you can’t even migrate them by exporting and importing? I mean some of your programmers took extra time to implement all the settings in there, yet most people will likely ignore these and get used to (quite sub-optimal) default state, because almost everyone will get tired from writing down dozens of preference values every time a new project is created.

Why just not make it simple? There are 3 configuration windows: Project Settings, Editor Preferences and Plugins, so let’s make everything in Project Settings and Plugins saved within project, and everything in Editor Preferences saved globally within Windows user profile. And if something in the Editor Preferences doesn’t make sense to be saved globally within Windows user profile, just move it into Project Settings.