VaSplineSnag - flexible spline tool for level designers

VaSplineSnag v.1.0-rc1 (5 December 2015)

Download: GitHub - ufna/VaSplineSnag: [DEPRECATED] Flexible spline tool for level designers who works with Unreal Engine 4

VaSplineSnag is the content project with a spline tool provided for level designers who works with Unreal Engine 4.

Key features:

  • Various ways of application: cliffs, roads, fences, bridges and lots more!
  • Uses instanced mesh technology for performance consideration
  • Flexible spline controls: uniform distribution, curving along spline, local transform support, etc.
  • Built-in terrain snapping to make fence and roads creation even more easier

Screenshots gallery:

Amazing work ufna, this looks awesome :smiley:

This is really good. I’ll throw another thanks your way too! :smiley:

Would you mind creating a short tutorial on how to use this tool? I am working on a project that could potentially greatly benefit from this project, but I am a bit confused at the moment as to how you work it. It looks awesome though!

Actually, I seem to have figured it out. It’s really cool! I only wish that it would deform the meshes just like SplineMeshComponent does. But I’m pretty sure that would involve writing a completely knew shader.

Hi ufna,

Look like a link to a gallery is broken.

Sorry guys, I’ll finish demo project this week and update the gallery also. Some issues with mesh content creator.

Quick question:

Does this setup have collision handling?
i ended up adding a “Set Collision Enabled” node after both the “Add Instanced Static Mesh Component” as well as after “Add Spline Mesh Component”, but wanted to ask if maybe I missed a setting somewhere else.

(I still have collision problems, though the collision seems to be there when visualized. Still looking into that).

Nice work again! Hope you update one day your older projects like ocean shader …

Cheers :slight_smile:

Hey ufna,
Big fan of your work. I’ve tried out VASpline in ue 4.10.2, but Im having an issue with the filler meshes. Just a little bit of background.

I made a child blueprint of the SplineSnag,


  1. 1st mesh is a pillar ( seen on the right )
  2. Filler mesh (no matter what I make it) will not show
  3. Last mesh is a triangular cone that seems to show up as the filler mesh also.

I’m fairly certain that is has something to do with this bit of code here (see above image) as when I swap conditions ‘A’ and ‘B’ (like in the video below) it seems to be fixed!

TLDR:: I couldn’t get the filler mesh to show.
Solved my issue by swapping the conditions.
Unsure if this issue is only in my version or in everyones,
hopefully it helped someone.

Sorry for the weird formatting, toking a bit and mind is going a million miles an hour.

Hey ufna

please can you make a tutorial on how to use the plugin cause am a beginner to unreal and i want to use it in my project. i need this feature (Uses instanced mesh technology for performance consideration) for my android game please

Is this plugin still being supported? I was cleaning out my bookmarks and saw the screenshots website is unavailable.