Varying Pickup Animations

I have an axe throwing mechanic in my project in which the axe is a standalone actor that gets attached to the object it hits after being thrown. After it hits the wall, I need to pick it back up i.e. press a hotkey that will detach it from the wall and attach it back to the hand through an animation. Tight now I have a SphereTrace checking for the axe within a short range and, if found, it displays “press E to pick up”. The problem is that axe always has a different position after a throw so the animation of stretching the hand out and picking it out from the wall does not always look fitting. Is there a way to make the hand component always go towards the handle of the axe no matter where it is?

In other words, if I wanted to pick up the cone in the attached picture, the current animation would work for cone №2, but would not work on cones №2 and №3 since they are on different shelves.
Would be amazing if there was a way to do this/