Varying detail levels on same model

I have a model where some area require intense detail, others not so much. Is it possible to select just the high detail areas for reconstruction on higher settings and the bulk of the model on normal…and if so is it possible to join them into one model without resorting to an external design program?



Hello Nigel,

you can define the “Downscale for depth maps” separetely for each image (or the selection of images) in the Selected input table once you select them in 1Ds. By default it is set to 1. If you change it to e.g. 2, then if you use Normal detail reconstruction with the downscale of images set to 2 (defined in the Reconstruction settings), the final downscale is the product of these two numbers, so 2*2 = 4.


In the Selected input table downscale for images set to 2, using High detail with downscale 1 = result is downscale 2.