Various Team-Members for Coop Horror/Thriller Game

Hi Unrealers!

I am looking for some People for help. All informations you will Need are in the description. And don’t worry. You don’t Need to be the best coder or whatever. Even beginners are welcome.

Project Title:
Project Two (Project Title)

You wake up on a small path. Next to you lies an unknown man. Your gaze is directed towards an old building and you realize that you have lost something important. Gradually you realize that this hell you are entering is not the only thing you should be afraid of.


  • Storyline like Alan-Wake.
  • Focused on coop-campaign
  • Horror-Thriller with some surprising Twists.
  • Planned is First-Person like Resident Evil 7.
  • Classic Gameplay
  • Riddles, Traps, Terribly distorted Monsters and more
  • Uses Photogrammetry-Scans for Game Characters and models


I offer you payment via royalty. This is contract based. This will be a simple “normal” contract without complicated sections and whatnot. Every team member has a fair share of sales. But be Aware: Not every game sells millions of copies. If it runs bad then there are 100 copies sold and then you know there only a few Cents for you to earn.
(For those who don’t know: If you sell over steam you get XX percent of the gross sale. Then you have to pay tax. And then you get your Money. And thats not much if you sell a few hundret copies. Unfortunately I can not say more about it because I signed a secretive clause.)

The royalties are divided in some parts. How much you will get depends of the amount of your work. You get further Details in a private conversation.

Team Name:

Team Structure**:**
Sascha Weiss (Creator)
Lead Programmer, Modeling, Animator, Composer, Writer…

**Jana Weiss **
Tester, Writer

Previous work from me:
Where Is My Brain!?

It’s a simple Jump and Run game. This was my first Project. It was more a Hobby Project then a serious one. I finished it and released it on Steam. I think for the first game it is not that bad.

Talent Required:

Since i am alone, i am looking for any one who will help. You can be an Artist, 3D-Artist, Composer, Animator or C++ Coder or a Blueprinter. What you will Need to be a part of the new Team?

  • The willingness to help from the beginning to the end (of your part)
  • No Special skills - all are very welcome
  • a Little bit time to make some stuff
  • Patience because i am no “pro” and i think the development is about 2 years


E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]

If you want to have more informations, please feel free and write me a pm or a email or here on the thread.


Do you have some Alpha-Stuff to Show us?**

The development at this stage is at the very beginning. I have some Basic gameplay that works. At this Moment i finished the main functionality to invite a friend over steam and Play together. As soon i have some graphics and “game”-related screenshots, i will post it here to Show the Progress.

There are so many “Indie”-Developers out there. Why should i join your Team?

You don’t have to join the Team. You can watch the Progress and write your ideas or critism. It is well known, that there are hundreds of indie-developers all over the world who think they have the next Blockbuster game. It think the best answer why you should/could join is: Because it is fun. I love to Play games and i love to make one. And if i can earn some Money with my Hobby, why not?

On what platforms do you release the game?

The main platform is on PC (eventually on Mac, Linux). Then, if the game come through the QC from Microsoft, on the XBOX One. Playstation 4 is not possible right now, because sony wants a direct Connection to the Office. And in Germany there are now cables for private persons for that.

What Skills do i Need?

You do not Need “Pro”-Skills. The only Thing you should know is how you can start the engine and the very Basics of using it.

I don’t use UE4. Can i do something else?

Of Course. I am looking for People who can translate the german text in other languages like english, spanish, French and so on. I am also looking for People to record the voices; known as voice-actors.

…more to come…

Sascha Weiss

Reserved for updates…