Various questions on portal setup.

Hey there!
First off, I am a little new to unreal so I apologize for any stupid questions :wink:

So at the moment I making a portal style level for a college project and have run into a couple of issues.

So first off, The portals I have used constantly point towards the player. I am assuming this is because I have used a material billboard so I am going to ask if there is any other way of having it stay facing the direction it was originally shot from.

Secondly, I need the portals themselves to stick on the walls but they unfortunately floating away. Is there any way of creating this?

Thirdly, I have an issue of, as I enter one portal, I leave facing the same direction. Is there any way to set an output direction for both portals, that co-insides with them being stuck on the wall?

Anyhow, pics below to see what I am talking about.