Various Camera views in one Level - Event Dispatcher

​​Hi Guys,
I’m trying to prepare a level where players will have the ability to change cameras, depending on the situation. In this particular case, I would like to set a new character once the current main character will enter the lift.
I’ve found in context example (blueprint communication), that they use for this task Event dispatcher. Entering the press button Custom event from Button Blueprint is send to Level Blueprint where the new pawn is possessed.

The same I have created in my project. In Lift blueprint When the player is overlapping with lift and press F key custom Call Lift Entered is fired.

On Level Blueprint, Custom Event is fired and new character possessed.;base64

Everything works fine when I have only one Lift Blueprint instance added to my level, however when I’m adding the second one, I lose control of the first one. I’m able to enter only the second one. No matter how many of them I will add to the level, I’m only able to enter the last one. The Level Blueprint, in this case (for 2 Lifts added), is as following:

Could you take a look on that and let me know what is wrong with that? It looks very similar as in the UE example, however, doesn’t work the same.


Can you put print strings here:


what I want to know is, are the events being triggered or not, or are you having a pawn possession problem…

BTW: they can press the button without begin in the box. Your code sets the bool only. Good idea to clear it when they leave the box ( maybe you do… )

Thank you ClockworkOcean for prompt response.
Print strings node give output in the second lift, but nothing happens in the first case…

The boolean is set to false, on EndOverlapping.

I think you have to bind to them explicity because you actually just have two instances of the same event:

I’ve made soemthing like that and this still doesn’t work. The results are the same as previously.

In the sample project it’s made this way:

It’s hard to tell, I think they’re both binding to the same BP, they need to bind to separate actors, that’s what I’m saying…

EDIT: Beg your pardon, let me look a bit more…

EDIT2: Do both events fire ( do you get different print strings? )