I’ve only rarely shared info and footage about my 3D shoot 'em up project but I am going to try and ramp it up a little and post stuff regularly, in preparation for eventually going public.

This is an older video but it kinda shows what it’s all about, lots of gameplay.

Here’s a new video of the background art in level 2, the area and lighting still needs a lot of work but it’s a start, it should be noted that O_N helped me quite a bit with some UV issues on the tunnel assets, couldn’t have done it without him!](

I’ll be posting more stuff here soon, there is still a lot of work to be done.

O yeah, light map looks times better than before :wink:
Dont forget to close the mesh gap in 0:24

WOW, your game looks and feels amazing!!! Just one question, the airplanes, robots, they look like 3D sprites instead of polygons. Is this? Did you render sprites out from 3D models or they are indeed 3d models?

It reminds me of the old school aerofighters, and all SNK shooters.


It looks very interesting. ^^
I hope you will launch it to Steam.

Yup will do, probably with an extra model.

Thank you! All of the ships are 3d models but I use that perspective squashing trick to make it easier to dodge bullets… the one where you use a small FOV and move the camera far away.
The background is actually rendered with a scene capture and that camera has a bigger FOV, so that the background looks normal.

Oh it will definitely show up there at some point.

Yeah man, the only thing missing on this gameplay trailer to trully rock is a soundtrack like this:

Oh yeah, for sure. I don’t have a musician set up yet since I need the visuals a little more established since they ideally serve as inspiration for the music maker, but I’ll get there.

Here’s another video of a crazy new enemy that you can bend with your shots, to allow better grazing.
It’s a lot of work to make enemies that don’t just blow up and vanish, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it in the end.

Morph targets all the way, people usually do small morph targets for simple effects, like the UE3 vehicle damage stuff, because the vertices just interpolate around and it’s hard to make a cool effect that doesn’t look fake… but I like to go all the way and do crazy stuff with morph targets, this is just one of them.

i want to play it : D

Here’s a video of another enemy where morph targets and bend modifiers are used to add some interactivity, slightly less silly than the last one
Everything is much more smooth in-game, my computer just can’t handle both the game and fraps at once.

Your game video shows very well the feeling that the surface of the enemy airplane is torn. ^^
If you add lots of debris and flames in the process of tearing the surface, your game will look better.

Yeah man, I trully agree. Some fire and smoking particle will make it look and feel more awesome!!!

Thanks! And you’re right guys, I’m just not sure where to add the extra particles without taking away from the morphing thing and the ‘seeing the innards’ thing.
I guess there’ll be some flames showing up right before the enemy explodes, and the actual explosion animation is delayed a little even after hp hits 0.

Agree with the others, the game looks good but the scene is bit clean… Maybe take a step back and ask, how are the ships powered, where are the engines / fuel reserves / batteries / nuke energy resources located… How do they respond when the ship takes damage etc.

Right now as projectiles hit, you briefly show a ‘gold glowing’ effect. What you could do is add small smoke trails or fires at the same location. FX should persist until the ship is destroyed, so the scene looks more alive… It shouldn’t obscure the innards / morphing too much, especially if you also add mesh particles flying off…

If you don’t want to do that and the engines are located at the back for example, maybe have them burst into flames after the first few hits, and then boost the fire intensity as the hits keep coming / damage persists…

More level editing, still got some small visual glitches but it’s looking kinda how it should be looking.
Never mind those super random reflective decals, just testing a feature there.

Way better, but it still needs more things like some old machinery,cranes and more small detail to show/give the idea that people once lived/worked or maintained the place.For now you only have the bigger size objects in scene.

A example of what not to do is dino crisis 3 for the original xbox.Beautiful and BIG environments in a spaceship, but no detail that there were actually humans there.
Maybe go to cgtrader and purchase for 30$ some big random assets pack and it will help you boost development.

You are quite right, small objects are also very important to create a feeling of scale, hopefully in the next video I’ll have graphics for this level that feel final.