Variant Manager Tutorial

Anybody know how to use the Variant Manager for 4.21? I’ve tried and failed alot, can’t find any Video tutorials about it. Any help would be great, thanks.

me the same… didn´t get this thing working, but it will be very useful for my projects… :wink: Hopefully someone will and can explain.

I’ve mailed Unreal Engine Studio Support, I’ve asked on Youtube Videos. I think because it’s in BETA, not much support is offered. If you find anyone who can help please let me know. Likewise.

Have you read the patchnotes for 4.21’s plugin ?

There’s not much more to know really, its quite straightforward to use.

I reported a bug a few days ago (you can find the issue report here > Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-66473) ) because it was resettings values of properties.
Was it the kind of problem you had with that new tool ?

If you have any question don’t hesitate to drop me a pm on the forums, I’ll do my best to help. :slight_smile:

I can not find the explanation page as per the attached attachment above.
is someone so kind to put the link to the page?

thank you

Hello, I guess you are looking for this post Unreal Studio Beta 4.21 Release - Pipeline & Plugins - Epic Developer Community Forums.

As mentioned earlier, the feature is still in experimental and therefore there is some known limitations such as values resetting. Those issues are being corrected.

As LegendreVR said, at the moment there is not really more to it than what you get in the patch note description.
For those who want to investigate a bit more I uploaded a simple example made by a colleague here Box
It showcases:

  • control of different properties: material, visibility, relative orientation, …
  • it comes with a generic blueprint that can populate a widget with the data described in a Level Variant Set.

Great, thanks alot for the help and feedback, it is very much appreciated.

I have the same. I didn´t get this thing working, but it will be very useful for my projects. Hopefully someone will and can explain.

I tried your friend example file, when i adopted it to my file and its showing “There should be one and only one Level Variant Sets Actor in the Level for this UI to work…” can you help me with this as i am in learning curve can’t able figure out what is the issue. it would be mean a lot if any one can explain

Oh neat I just discovered this via this post … was in the middle of writing a class to switch meshes on an actor between two options earlier today. I will have to try this out and see if it can be used instead!

i have made some variants my self but when i turn off the actors in Variant01 the collisions are still active.
is there a why to also turn off the collisions of the actors in the Variantmanager?

i just try it in my project,

but not work in 4.22, how do i migrate it in my project?

error in 422

Hey tc22.

Your code works on our end on 4.22.2 and 4.23pre7.

Have you tried deleting and re adding both nodes ? What engine version are you running exactly (4.22, 4.22.1, 4.22.2) ?

Thank you :

i just try another way to finish.
i get variables in widget, i still not understand your blueprint,

but it is a good way to add variant in widget , because of editable easy!