Variables reset after packaging [DEMO PROJECT INCLUDED]

Name of player character resets (to default value specified in parent class) after packaging. Very simple demo project [HERE][1]

  1. Play in Editor or Standalone Game = “Bob”, correct name.
  2. Package project (tested with shipping 32 bit build), launch packaged game and now text says “(Unnamed)”, which is default value specified in “Unit” class.

3: bug is gone when you delete “skill” variable from “Unit” class or delete GetPlayerCharacter->get name->print name logic from “Skill” class.

Please fix it :slight_smile:

Hi Slavq,

Thank you for test project. I was able to reproduce issue and have created JIRA UE-17464 in our tracking software. We will post back here with updates as we have them.



+1 would also like this to be solved.

Hi CodeSpartan,

Thank you for showing your interest in this. I updated JIRA to show that multiple users are looking for this issue to be fixed.



Update/Additional info: This bug resets many different variables from different classes, not only names. For example it resets one Texture2D type variable but also a few boolean variables of one of my blueprints, which is game breaking after packaging.

I really need this to be fixed ‘asap’, i hope that my little test project will be useful for fixing this bug. Thanks

Thanks Slavq,

I’ve added these notes to bug report TJ created. We’ll post here when we see an update on bug. Thanks!

Thanks, i have an another update: This bug is very similar to THIS ONE, both resetting variables after packaging when blueprints are referencing each other in certain way. Probably it’s same bug, or it has same cause/origin.

Any update? Is it fixed in 4.9?

Hi John,

This is fixed. It is currently slated for 4.9 release. If you need it sooner you can get it here on GitHub.



Hi TJ, I just tested it in 4.9P1 and it is not fixed.

You are right, it isn’t working in 4.9 P1 but that isn’t final version of 4.9. Each preview will implement more and more features and bug fixes. If all goes well this fix should make it in.

Please keep in mind though, this fix is slated for 4.9 but it isn’t guaranteed… devs prioritize bug fixes based off of severity of bug and overall stability of engine.

Is this fixed in 4.9?

Yes, at least in my case :slight_smile: Variables do not longer reset after packaging.

Child Variables still reset to parent defaults at random in 4.14 (not when repackaging)

Hi Mewbits,

original bug that was reported here was fixed and I just confirmed that it is still fixed in 4.14.3. What you are seeing is likely something new/different than what was reported here. Could you create a new post in Bug Report section and include as much info as possible (exact repro steps, test project, screenshots of setup, etc)?

It’s three years later, but I’ve encountered this in 4.22.1 as well. A BP character class had modified properties from a parent (also BP). It would reset when packaged, but not in editor. child class took properties of it’s parent. However, if there was an additional child, with “broken” one as parent, it would not be reset.

No clue how to reproduce it.